OCTOBER 23-25, 2015

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Welcome to the "Official" Roll The Bones Rally Site! THE Rally for Adventure Riders of all types in TEXAS.

We don't care what you ride, or what kind of road surface you like to ride on, this is the Adventure Rally for you. It ain't Dakar, Katmandhu, Patagonia, or even Alaska but our backyard offers twisty roads, big views, little traffic, great scenery, and some of the best dirt roads in all of Texas.

We are not a business, just a bunch of friends from advrider, Two-wheeled Texans and Ride Dualsport who decided we'd have a little fun. We formed a Dis-Organizing Committee and I'll be danged, it happened! Then it happened again! Who knew?

Now we are in our Sixth year. We continue to evolve and maintain the "Official" ADV Rider Rally. 

We can't deliver the Northern Lights or Nepalese sherpas , but we will surprise you with some little known and under-appreciated exotic locales right here in Texas. Our route suggestions will be on public roads, both paved and dirt. Please be aware......some of the dirt roads are pretty rough and the water crossings can be treacherous. Every inmate must plan their ride based upon their level of experience. Multiple route offerings will be suggested, allowing for riders to choose their course accordingly. This event is open to all, but you must be a licensed motorcycle rider. Bring your friends or make new ones; network and have some fun!!! Remember, safety third.

We ain't here to make any money. We just like having a good time and we are proud to show off our backyard.

Now. Go take a look at our pics, wander around our site and ask us any questions you may have have. Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people. ;) I think you are gonna like what ya see.

AKA Ghostrider1964

One stellar video from Jordan/KLR attendee at RTB4!

Back for 2014 T-shirt!

RTB HQ for 2014


Honest..She is not

TxJames on river crossing...

Seriously...this is a public road! Super T down

Super T rescue vehicle stuck....

Unsticking Rescue vehicle

Love the centerline wheels...

Duct tape fixes everything!

CR4250 at sunset
Little Moab RTB4

More "Little Moab" sand

The new Texas ADV me for one!

Whether you enjoy the dirt, street or a combination of both, come seek adventure and meet fellow riders at ROLL THE BONES V, Lake Whitney, Texas!

For general questions or vendor inquiries call or email Ghostrider1964:

mobile: (254) 248-4848

Roll The Bones Rally
Doran (Dody) Belknap
10245 FM 929
Gatesville, TX 76528
AKA Ghostrider1964 

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